Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is there a parking lot?
There are 42 parking spaces available on the clinic grounds behind the clinic.
※There is an elementary school nearby, so please watch out for children running near the parking area.
Q Do you accept credit cards?
Almost all credit cards and electronic payment systems are accepted, but please be patient as the QR payment system is still under development.
Q Is the clinic by appointment only?
You can make an appointment (new patients, return visits, rehabilitation) on the website or by phone. You can make an appointment on the website 24 hours a day. You can also make an appointment in person on the day of your visit. We will always examine patients who come to the clinic even if we are fully booked.
Q Do you take any measures against novel Corona infections?
(1) We used antibacterial and antiviral materials as much as possible during the construction phase.
(2) The entire building is ventilated with a Rosnai enforced ventilation system, and the windows are opened periodically for ventilation.
(3) Areas that come in contact with hands are coated with anti-viral glass.
(4) Areas that patients touch are cleaned with sodium hypochlorite whenever possible.
(5) Staff wear masks, gloves and eye guards, and patients are also requested to wear masks. If you have forgotten your mask, we can provide you with one free of charge. Please ask for one.
(6) The examination rooms are designed to allow air convection between doctors and patients. This design prevents contact with each other's airborne droplets.
(7) A systemic of 3 dimention antiviral spray device, is installed in the Iwamizawa main hospital, but the rate of use by patients has not been good, so we are currently considering whether to install it in Sapporo.
(8) We do not measure body temperature at the time of consultation. The reason for this is that it is not possible to detect infection with the novel Corona virus based on the presence or absence of fever. This is also because it is not in line with our philosophy to not examine patients with fever. Please let us know if you are not feeling well. Please let us know if you are not feeling well. We will have you wait in special isolated waiting room, and will examine you as soon as possible.
(9) Recently, a lot of equipment such as ozone, 230nm ultraviolet light, and higher wavelength ultraviolet light sterilizers have been released. We are considering introducing such equipment as needed in the future.
Q I was told by other clinics that I can't be cured, can you examine me?
We will make every effort to find a cure after a thorough examination of the patient's condition. Our clinic is equipped to provide special medical care such as regenerative medicine and various nerve blocks.
Q Is there a doctor who is knowledgeable regarding sports?
Our general director, Dr. Takuro Sasaki, is a certified sports doctor by the Japan Sports Association. We also have physiotherapists who have specialized qualifications for athletes. The machines permanently installed in the rehabilitation room can be used for individualized muscle strength training for both the elderly and serious athletes.
Q Do MRI scans require an appointment?
It depends on the availability of the examination, but we do offer same-day examinations whenever possible.

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